We know fish & seafood and we know how to add value to your production

We provide complete processing solutions for the fish and seafood industry. From design of single machines to workflow optimization, you can count on us for the equipment and expertise you need to stay competitive. We have a thorough knowledge of developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material.

We also have in-depth experience with designing and manufacturing highly efficient plants that can process large quantities rapidly and consistently. Gentle handling, efficient workflow, improved reliability: they all add up to higher yields.


Built-in know-how

We've been supplying the fish industry for decades

Making a profit in the seafood industry requires coming up with correct answers to a never-ending array of questions, from choosing the right production equipment to meeting the market demands for new products.

We can help. With industry know-how from almost 50 years of experience, we’re experts at putting all the right pieces in place to:

• Increase reliability
• Reduce downtime
• Lower operating costs
• Minimize waste

Industry-leading solutions created through collaboration

Our superior solutions for the fish industry cover all species and include processing reception of raw material, sorting and grading, cleaning, filleting, cooking and cooling, weighing and packing. We also have an extensive know-how within freezing and thawing. All our solutions and equipment are developed in close co-operation with our customers.

Environmental considerations are taken into account, especially with regard to demands on water and energy saving. Our solutions meet even the strictest hygiene standards, and we help you make the most of any residual product to optimize your operating economy.

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