Who we are

Cabinplant is a project-oriented supplier of turn-key solutions for global processors of fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, and convenience foods.

Our specialization in creating custom solutions that integrate multi-head weighing with packing solutions helps our customers achieve new levels of speed, flexibility and accuracy.

At Cabinplant, we provide more than just products, we offer our customers the know-how
to optimize their yield, throughput, and quality.

Founded in Haarby, Denmark in 1969, where our manufacturing center and headquarters are still located, we have grown to employ nearly 300 people across subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Poland and the United States.

We also offer a wider global network of agents in more than 40 countries.

In 2016, the majority of the company’s shares were taken over by the American industrial company CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

CTB’s strong position in the meat and poultry market has complimented our weighing and packing product portfolio, enabling us to provide total solutions for processing and packing of meat and poultry worldwide.


Food is the foundation of life and we’re determined to provide food processing solutions that feed a hungry world.

We manufacture our solutions with respect for the environment because we care about people of today, and future generations.

Our customer relationships are built on trust and our processing equipment is built to last. We call it “food processing for life” – that’s why we are here.


We want to be seen as the most innovative, customer-minded and trustworthy partner in the food industry all over the world.


We innovate, develop and sell solutions offering added value and new opportunities to our customers in the food industry. Always managed by our highly dedicated Cabinplant employees.

Our focus is on 7 segments:

Fish & Seafood

Fruits & Vegetables



Convenience Food


Pet Food


Headquartered in Haarby, DK since 1976
10.000 m2 production area
More than 300 employees

Production in Wroclawskie
Build in 2006
2000 m2 production area
50 Employees

Our main goal is

to develop, manufacture and market innovative, high-quality processing equipment for the food industry worldwide.

Improving the work environment

When it comes to improving the work environment, we’ve seen clients that make changes such as reducing noise and providing more ergonomic, adjustable workstations can make a huge difference in
worker satisfaction and productivity.

Such solutions will support your corporate social responsibility profile, including compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Top Management


Lars Ryholl


Jan Helskov Hansen

Management Team

Global HR Manager

Hanne Hessellund Nielsen


Michael Falck Schmidt

R&D Director

Henning Ingemann Hansen

Part of CTB Inc.

In 2016 the owners of Cabinplant took on a new partner in the company’s ownership and sold 80 percent of the company’s shares to the American industrial company CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Cabinplant timeline

Since 1969 we´ve bee pioneering food processing, meaning our solutions delivers added value and create new opportunities for our customers in the food industry.
Always managed by our highly dedicated Cabinplant employees.

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