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Food processing for life

Cabinplant is a turn-key solutions supplier for various food processing industries, offering custom systems that combine multi-head weighing with packing for enhanced speed, flexibility, and accuracy. Anchored by trust and durability, we go beyond products to provide the expertise needed to optimize yield, throughput, and quality. Our guiding principle is our commitment to “Food processing for life.”

Locally rooted. Globally oriented.

Founded in Haarby, Denmark in 1969, Cabinplant remains true to its roots with its headquarters and main manufacturing center still located where it all began. We now employ over 300 people across subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Poland, and the United States, supported by a global network of agents in more than 40 countries.


Roesbjergvej 9 DK-5683 Haarby, Denmark





10.000 m2

Production Area


Nowowiejska, Kąty Wrocławskie, Poland





2000 m2

Production Area


Carrer de la Riera Principal, Alella, Spain


Eisenberger Straße, Hermsdorf, Germany

Setting global standards

Cabinplant is a frontrunner in advancing processing technology, especially in weighing, packing, and handling intricate raw materials. Our innovations have set market standards worldwide, and we continually adapt to the rising automation in the food industry.

Broad reach, custom fit

At Cabinplant, our versatile solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide array of customer segments. With state-of-the-art equipment and tailored approaches, we address the unique challenges and opportunities present in each sector we serve.

What we believe in

At Cabinplant, our actions are steered by five core values: Responsibility, Precision, Profitability, Reliability, and Innovation. These principles guide us in delivering unparalleled food processing solutions, ensuring quality, performance, and forward-thinking advancements for our partners.


Based in Haarby, Denmark, our headquarters and primary production facility are supported by a secondary site in Poland, ensuring efficient production without compromising quality. The proximity of our main office and production facility allows for direct oversight of our designs, facilitating swift adjustments and cultivating innovation. Our craftsmen and engineers collaborate closely to develop tailored machinery for your production needs.

Headquartered in Haarby, DK


Production area

10,000 m2



Production in Wroclawskie


Production area

2000 m2





The beginning of the journey

Cabinplant originated in Haarby, Denmark, and was established by the machine engineer Hans Clausen and businessman Vagn Hansen.  The company specialized in manufacturing cabins for spray painting, which together with their drive to venture into international trade, created the company name and started the development of Cabinplant.




From Garage to Customized Food Machinery

Cabinplant experienced growth, prompting a relocation from a rented garage to larger facilities in Nr. Broby. Simultaneously, the company diversified its offerings, venturing into the production of customized machinery for the food industry, which become their trademark.




Expansion to Haarby Headquarters

The company’s expansion led the two owners to relocate production to their hometown, Haarby. This move established the headquarters, complete with a production hall and administration facilities, which over the years have increasingly expanded and still remain situated there to this day.




The innovation of the blancher

As the company expanded into the production of customized machinery for various food sectors, the primary focus during the 1970s and early 1980s was on developing machinery for processing fish and vegetables. This effort led to the creation of the blancher, now widely recognized in the industry as a “Cabinplant,” despite the absence of a patent for the invention..




From Processing to Turn-Key Packaging

By the late 1980s, Cabinplant had broadened its production scope. In addition to developing processing solutions, the company ventured into packaging solutions, ultimately offering comprehensive packing solutions. This expansion meant that our customers now only required a single supplier to meet their processing needs, as we could supply them with turn-key services.




Revolutionizing weighing technology

In the early 1990s, Cabinplant acquired the Multihead weigher, marking a significant step in machinery development. Over the years, the company innovatively refined the product, resulting in the ground-breaking introduction of the patented Multihead weigher with screw feeding in 2005. Cabinplant was the first to develop a specialized Multihead weighers for processing chicken.




International expansion

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, Cabinplant expanded its global presence by opening several additional offices, often in collaboration with local partners, as a part of their increase in global export to all corners of the world. Today, the company has offices in Germany, Spain, Poland, and the USA.




A new generation

In 2005, Cabinplant underwent a change in ownership as dedicated and committed employees Ralf Astrup, a civil engineer and plant manager, and Jan Helskov, a chartered auditor and businessman serving as the chief of the financial office, acquired the company from its founders, marking a generation shift in Cabinplant’s history.




Production facility in Poland

Driven by expanding operations and the acquisition of new large-scale customers, Cabinplant established a new production facility in Poland. This facility has evolved into a central hub for manufacturing stainless steel products and is current employing 65 employees.




CTB acquistion of Cabinplant

On September 5, 2016, CTB, a company under the ownership of the Berkshire-Hathaway Group, acquired 80 percent of Cabinplant. This strategic move not only paved the way for Cabinplant to explore opportunities in the North American market but also enabled collaborative efforts with other subsidiaries, offering comprehensive solutions to the food-processing industry




50 Years of innovation

In 2019, the company marked its 50th anniversary, reflecting on the incredible journey from its inception in the small city of Haarby on the island of Fyn, Denmark. Over the years, with dedicated employees who have been there through it all, the company has evolved into a market leader in innovative and customized machinery for the international food processing industry. This success is underpinned by a steadfast focus on innovation, development and being pioneers on the international market.


We are a part of Odense Robotics

Odense Robotics is Denmark’s national robot and drone cluster. Being a part of this cluster Cabinplant plays a central role in accelerating innovation and driving sustainable development together with other robot, automation and drone companies across Denmark.

Be a part of the change

Are you interested in shaping new standards for innovation in the food processing sector? Would you like to cultivate new skills and collaborate with industry experts as part of a dynamic team? Join Cabinplant and become integral to shaping the future of the industry as a market leader. Make your mark on industry development and contribute to pioneering advancements.

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