Challenge accepted with our poultry processing equipment!

Handling poultry isn’t easy

Our Meat and Poultry processing equipment is the perfect tool to handling meat and poultry! With our meat weigher everything gets easier.

Achieving high yields from fresh and sticky products, like marinated meat and poultry, poses a particularly tough processing challenge. Fortunately, we love challenges!

The trend towards packing of fresh and frozen meat to fixed weight continues. Supermarket chains are focusing on reduced waste and optimized inventory control, and fixed weight trays contribute considerably to this. As a result, the meat and chicken processing industry needs to look for ways to reduce give-away, cut costs, and increase efficiency in order to remain competitive.

Our customized weighing, filling and packing solutions provide accurate portion weighing, which results in increased capacity, reduced giveaway, and significantly increased yields.


Customised weighing and packing solutions

Achieving high yields from fresh and sticky products, like fresh and/or marinated poultry products, poses a particularly tough challenge. Cabinplant’s customised weighing and packing solutions – including our patented screw-feeding multihead weigher – provide more accurate portion weighing, reduced labor challenges and minimized giveaway.

Technical expertise and innovative ideas

Cabinplant’s experience and technical know-how are our greatest assets, and yours. Our ability to provide exactly the right equipment and to set it up for optimal results can make a big difference in terms of lower operating costs, less waste and higher productivity.

We draw on an in-depth knowledge of poultry weighing and packing, supplemented by broad experience in other areas of food processing. This allows us to provide complete weighing and packing solutions, not just individual pieces of equipment.

We have grown together. They have helped to develop our production processes further, particularly within weighing and packing, enabling us to deliver ever-more sophisticated chicken products to the retail sector...

Richard Wenneker, Production Director at Emsland Frischgeflügel and Cellar Land Frischgeflügel

Poultry processing

Increased automation

Investing in automation of course comes with a number of risks, but you must also consider the serious risk of not investing. Our weighing and packing equipment increases automation: simply replacing manual weighing with automatic weighing and packing can reduce labour costs by up to 80 percent.  Today, there’s no question changes are coming even faster, so the question your business needs to answer is: what’s our game plan for transforming our production?

Targeted solutions

Cabinplant is able to help you increase efficiency and reduce giveaway, as our weighing and packing solutions are designed to closely match your individual requirements.Cabinplant provides tailor-made solutions for multihead weighing and packing of poultry products, such as:

Fresh or IQF deboned poultry products, including fillets, stripped/diced and marinated products

Fresh or IQF bone-in poultry products, including drumstics, leg quarters, wings etc.

Fresh and sticky by-products such as giblets, chicken feet and heads

Processed poultry products including nuggets, hot wings etc.

Business Segment Manager, Meat & Poultry

Jørgen Zachariassen

Senior Sales Manager

Claus Jessen

Sales Manager

Thomas Jensen

Senior Sales Manager

Per Granberg Rasmussen

Chicken processing

At Cabinplant our focus on the poultry industry includes among other animals, especially industrial chicken processing. Our processing of chicken is of high standards and increase your efficiency and reduces waste.

Contact us and learn more about our passion for chicken processing and how we can help you deliver a good, healthy and affordable source of protein for the end customer.

At Cabinplant we deliver high quality poultry processing equipment. The right equipment used to process chickens and other birds not only makes it easier but also more efficient and reduces waste. See all our products for the poultry and chicken industry here.

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