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Complete processing equipment for the fish and seafood industry

From design of single machines to workflow optimization, you can count on us for the equipment and expertise you need to stay competitive. We have a thorough knowledge of developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material.

We also have in-depth experience with designing and manufacturing highly efficient plants that can process large quantities rapidly and consistently. Gentle handling, efficient workflow, improved reliability: they all add up to higher yields.

If you need help and want to talk with a person that can understand your company’s needs and help you find the perfect fish processing equipment to your firm, you are more than welcome to contact us here.

If you want to meet us, we are presenting our solutions at exhibitions all over the world.


Tailor made solutions

Cabinplant designs, manufactures and installs many different types of seafood processing lines. In addition to a thorough knowledge of processing lines, our expertise encompasses building layouts, equipment setups, electrical installations, hardware and software – virtually any area that has a bearing on the success of your seafood operation.

To match market needs, we are extending our product range with new, innovative products. Therefore, we have installed a shrimp peeling line and have installed a cooking and cooling line. Naturally, we had no doubt that Cabinplant was the right supplier for this equipment...

Michael H. M. Bowen, Managing Director, Belize Aquaculture Ltd.

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