De-skinning of mackerels without chemicals

The complete line is used for deskinning of mackerel before cooking and cutting – primarily to be filled in club or P-long cans.  

The entire process is controlled from one master control panel for adjustment of for instance time and temperature.

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No chemicals

Only 5 % product loss

No disposal of hazardous fluids

We know all about mackerels

In an age of declining fish stocks and fishing quotas, raw seafood is an increasingly valuable commodity. Even small amounts of excess waste can have a dismal effect on your bottom line.

Cabinplant specializes in developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material.

We also have in-depth experience with designing and manufacturing highly efficient plants that can reliably process large quantities rapidly and consistently.

Gentle handling, efficient  workflow, improved reliability: they all add up to higher yields.


No use of chemicals

IQF mackerels are fed onto the line where hot water is sprayed on the product to make the skin split and loosen.  Subsequently a specially designed tumbler deskins the mackerel – all in one continuous process.




  • North Atlantic mackerel (scomber scombrus)

Features & benefits

  • Deskinning without the use of chemicals
  • Limited amount of waste water
  • Only 5% product loss
  • No disposal of hazardous fluids
  • One continuous process
  • Packing in cans increases
  • Infeed system guides the
    mackerel into one line – piece by piece
  • Heat treatment to loosen skin
  • Mechanical treatment for
    removal of skin
  • Control panel for adjustment of
    time and temperature
  • Optional feature: water cleaning
    system with parabolic screen

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