Dairy solutions that will make you smile.
Say cheese!

We love cheese, and we love to pioneer innovative equipment for the dairy industry that meets the ever-increasing demands for hygiene and product yield.  


We provide processing solutions for a wide range of yellow, blue and feta cheese products to be used in pizzas, pasta, salads, soups, omelets, etc. Our solutions cover shredding, cutting, weighing, filling, and packing of various cheese products. 


Experts in cheese handling

Build your business on almost 50 years of experience

For decades, we’ve worked with and developed cheese processing solutions for customers all around the world. We know that accuracy and gentle handling are key factors for success when it comes to optimizing yield and product quality. And we know that superior functionality and premium equipment ensure a flawless production line.



  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy change of cutting strings or knives
  • Easy change of format parts
  • Clean cut, minimal crumbling
  • Low maintenance

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Solutions to fulfill your every need

We develop tailor-made dairy solutions for every step in the process of dicing or dividing yellow and feta cheese into cubes and slices.


For yellow and blue cheese, we provide the following processing solutions:

  • Cutting of cheese blocks into small pieces and removal of rind
  • Shredding of cheese
  • Mixing with anti-caking agent
  • Weighing on a multihead weigher
  • Filling and bagging
  • Metal detection
  • Checkweighing

For feta cheese, we provide the following processing solutions:

  • Emptying of molds, including handling of pallets and washing of boxes
  • Dicing
  • Salting in vessels
  • Emptying and draining
  • Weighing on a multihead weigher
  • Filling and packing into cups, trays, cans/glass jars or buckets
  • Dosing of brine/oil using a piston filler or a brine dosing unit
  • Dosing of spices
  • Washing of filled packaging
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