Tasty convenience food made easy from a-z

Ready, set, serve. Convenience foods are becoming an indispensable part of modern food. With more money to spend and less time to cook, consumers are prepared to buy ready-meal solutions or pre-processed foods to save time. At the same time, they are looking for quality in raw material and taste, and the demands for the convenience food manufacturers are therefore continuously increasing.  


We provide tailor-made solutions for the convenience foods industry that meet the needs of modern consumers and optimize yield, throughput, and product quality. Interested in our Dairy food solutions as well? Read more here 

Convenience foods

Inexpensive and labor saving solutions for two decades

During the past 20 years, Cabinplant has gained a unique experience in processing equipment for spring rolls. We have succeeded in maintaining the quality, which characterizes hand-rolled spring rolls, and at the same time our solution results in an inexpensive and labor saving production.



  • Optimization of raw material – accurate weight of spring roll filling and uniform pancake thickness
  • Precise depositing of filling and precise folding (uniform spring rolls)
  • Labour savings
  • No human contamination
  • Easy operation
  • Quick recipe change
  • Easy change to other sizes (two parts to be changed)
  • Easy access for cleaning purposes
  • Minimum maintenance

Innovative spring roll machine

We’ve developed several solutions for the processing of convenience foods. Our spring roll machine is the direct way to high-quality spring rolls. On top of this, we can provide solutions for weighing, filling and packing of various ready-made dinners.

Our spring roll solution reduces this traditionally labor-intensive process to only a few persons operating the line. The design of the line focuses on high hygienic standards for quick and easy cleaning.

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