Complete processing line for mackerels


IQF mackerels


Fresh mackerels

Addition of oil, tomato


Complete processing line for mackerels

Our large capacity mackerel processing line has been designed for a continuous and automated production flow. Our mackerel line is developed to cover all processes from preparation, processing, and packing into cans. The existing equipment to match your requirements.

We provide complete solutions for processing of mackerel from both temperate and tropical seas. We have solutions for frozen mackerel, fresh mackerel, and mackerel in cans, typically club cans; but also 1/4 P-long cans.

Our solutions for canned mackerel include infeed, grading, deheading, gutting, removal of skin, cooking, manual filleting, canning, check weighing, addition of liquids, seaming, washing, sterilizing in autoclave, and packing.

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Our cooperation with Cabinplant has been dynamic, professional and highly effective. They understood our business and our requirements and we got the tailored solution we needed...

Nakis Georgiadis, General Manager, North Aegean Sea Canneries.

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Designing food production equipment is often a question of combining various existing technologies in new and innovative ways. That’s one of our core skills - to meet the challenges you give us, while applying everything we know about automation, robotics and mechanical engineering.

We use our skills and long market expertise in designing a production line which is tailor-made to your needs and specifications. And of course, everything we design is constructed by top specialists.

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