At Cabinplant, we provide more than just products, we offer our customers the know-how to optimize their yield, throughput, and quality.

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In close cooperation with customers, many of whom have worked with us for decades, we develop and manufacture innovative and highly automated solutions for processing, weighing and packaging, as well as stand-alone machines.

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Your partner in tailormade food processing

Since 1969, Cabinplant is a world leader in the development of food processing technology, especially in the fields of processing and weighing/packing and in the handling of complex raw products. Many of our inventions are now market standards across the international food industry, and we continue to create new and innovative solutions as the food market keeps getting increasingly automated.

Meeting market requirements

We tailor-make solutions to match individual requirements, and we provide complete solutions for weighing, filling and packing products into bags, buckets, cans, glass jars, cups and trays; premade, thermoformed etc.

We help you produce foods that retain their good looks and nutritive value

Zooming in on the end product

In the constant endeavour to produce high-quality, nutrition-rich foods, the food industry is employing a series of quantitative tests to ensure that the visual appearance of the product is as appealing as possible. But there’s more to it than mere looks. Keeping nutritive high value, long shelf-life and consistent weight are all important issues to food producers.

We can handle all kind of products

We bring dedication and expertise to your production

From stand-alone machinery to turn-key projects

Designing food production equipment is often a question of combining various existing technologies in new and innovative ways. That’s one of our core skills – to meet the challenges you give us, while applying everything we know about automation, robotics and mechanical engineering.

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