Marinating made easy - In-line marinating of poultry


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Nice and easy

The marination process is done after portion weighing. Thus no marinade on the multihead weigher


Marinating after portion weighing means a reducuction of the cleaning time by up to 80 %

20 minutes

Fast and easy change of marinade – less than 20 minutes

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Marinating of poultry products usually requires a lot of cleaning of production equipment and thus increased spillage of marinade, but with the Cabinplant marinating system the spillage and cleaning required after marinating is reduced significantly.

Our marinating system is placed in-line with the packing line, but compared to other solutions our solution is placed after the portion weighing which means that the multihead weigher and the conveyors are not soaked in marinade.

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Streamlined marinating speeds up production changeover

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