Weighing Optimization

Cabinplant SensorFeed

Improve your weighing efficiency

Optimized product flow is key to getting the best performance of your weighing solution.

With Cabinplant SensorFeed you optimize the product flow according to your target weight.

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Cuts give-away by up to 5%

Minimizes rejects

Optimizes the use of your MHW

Improves the performance of your MHW

The product flow to the weighing equipment is measured with a 3D sensor and the feeding speed is adjusted accordingly. This optimizes the weighing process, reduces the number of rejects, and brings down give-away.


Improved functionality

In order to improve weighing accuracy even further SensorFeed may be installed with a movable infeed belt, which ensures optimum product distribution on to the multihead weigher. This will increase the usage of all channels on the multihead weigher and thereby increase weighing accuracy.

Cabinplant SensorFeed improves the performance of our screw feeding multihead weighers, our Multibatcher and our Quattro batcher.


  • Increased weighing accuracy – less give-away
  • Fewer rejects thus less rework
  • Optimal use of your MHW – increased equipment efficiency

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