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Streamlined marinating speeds up production changeover

About the client

Our client is a leading European meat and poultry processor. Their position as a leader on the market is embedded in their commitment to delivering high-quality meat and poultry products.

The Challenge
The client’s challenge was the need to efficiently deliver a diverse range of marinated products in small batches to supermarket customers. Traditionally are the marinating processes often connected with a time-consuming cleaning during production changeovers, an issue with the small batches and wide variety of marinated products.

The solution
The client’s installation of Cabinplant’s technology involved several production lines in two of the client’s largest facilities. The key to this solution was the ability to marinate meat products both precisely and efficiently after they were weighed. It made it possible to make accurate portions that were then filled into trays. This shift from the conventional marinating process had several transformative effects on the client’s production process.

The result

This solution meant that what previously required 45 minutes for cleaning and changeover could now be accomplished in just 15 minutes, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. 

Furthermore, the implementation of Cabinplant’s solution did also have an impact on production speed and consistency. The automated system ensured a consistent balance of marinade volume for each meat portion, and the production line was now capable of producing 40-50 portions per minute. A remarkable improvement that increased output and met the client’s demands for both effectiveness and precision. 

Client: One of the largest European poultry processors

Country: EU

Industry: Poultry


  • All-in-one process
  • Space saving
  • Better yield
  • Less labor cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished products

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