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Cabinplant OptiWeigh

An intelligent solution that optimizes your weighing process and reduces give-away

Cabinplant OptiWeigh is an intelligent solution that optimizes your weighing process and reduces give-away. 

If you are supplying weighed-out products according to the European average weight legislation (E-weighing) Cabinplant Optiweigh could improve your profits by up to 2%

Increase earning with 2%

Less manual handling of rejects

Less rejects - faster batch lead time

Increase your earnings by optimizing your weighing process

Introducing Cabinplant OptiWeigh, a unique and efficient solution that optimizes your weighing process. This solution helps you to achieve the lowest possible give-away while still complying with the “European average weight legislation” (e-weighing)

Cabinplant Optiweigh is an integrated solution that continuously monitors portions on your check weigher and dynamically adjusts the target weight on the MHW if needed. Besides the significant reduction in give-away the result is also fewer rejects and thus less manual handling of rejects, less wasted packaging, and increased efficiency of your equipment

Features & benefits

  • Less rejects – faster lead time
  • Less giveaway – increased earnings
  • Less manual handling of rejects
  • Convenient remote monitoring via. browser interface

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