Cabinplant Sensor Gates

Our sensor gates technology signifies Cabinplant’s Multihead
Weigher is the only machine on the market that can accurately
weigh few-piece portions, e.g. 450 g chicken breasts with 3 pieces
in a tray.

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Practically no give-away

Accurate weighing of few-piece portions

Optimizes the use of your MHW

Improves the performance of your MHW

The Sensor Gates developed for our MHW with screw feeding guarantee optimal feeding for each assembly pan, ensuring that only one piece of product is fed into each pan. This results in the maximum number of combinations and attains great precision.

Improves accuracy and minimizes waste

Cabinplant’s Multihead Weigher stands as the only machine in the market capable of precisely weighing small portions. This innovation of using sensors to keep track of the product results in minimized product waste and ensures a more efficient performance.




  • The number of empty weighing pans
  • The number of duplets
    and triplets in weighing pans
  • The core reduces the number of
    pieces in the screw

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