Heat treatment

Belt cooker – SCWC

The Cabinplant belt cooker is designed for continuous cooking and cooling of vegetables, fish or other products and can be designed to meet individual requirements.

Integrated cooking and cooling

Up to 40% of the heat is recovered

Reduced curling on PTO shrimps

Gentle handling

The main advantage of the cooker is an increase in yield during the cooking process, resulting in a short payback time.

The gentle treatment also gives a superior product texture and reduced curling on PTO shrimps, resulting in a final product of extremely high quality. A pre-cooling zone with water atomization ensures efficient cooling and optimum product hygiene, as the water is not recirculated.

  • Gentle handling secures a close-to-zero product damage.
  • Up to 40% of the heat is recovered and means less energy consumption.
Functionality of the Belt cooker
  • Cooking is by water or steam.
  • All types are integrated cookers/coolers, some integrate product pre-heating with up to 40% heat recovery.
  • Heating of cooking water is either by direct steam or by means of a heat exchanger.
  • Cooling is either by water/chilled water, air or a combination of both.

Features & benefits

  • Very low consumption of steam
  • Very low consumption of water
  • No product damage
  • Maximum product yield
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Hygienic design in terms of cooking time and temperature



  • The capacity depends on the specific product and the individual requirements.


  • Fish
  • Vegatables
  • Other products

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