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Spring roll processing


Our efficient packing solutions are designed to improve your business.


Flexible portions sizes, way of packing, and multible types of packaging

3 in 1

With a capacity of up to 3.5 tons/hour the bean cutter is also suitable for large scale production

678.000 EUR

A customer saved 678.000 EUR per year by investing in one of our weighing solutions, which reduced his give-away conciderably

From batter to crispy spring roll with no hands involved

Line capacities are from 60 to 240 rolls per minute. Cabinplant's solution reduces this traditionally labour-intensive process to only a few persons operating the line. The design of the line focuses on high hygienic standards for quick and easy cleaning.

The spring roll machine consists of the following :

  • Batter pump
  • Dough dispenser
  • Baking drum
  • Pancake folding conveyor
  • Filling dispenser (incl. vacuum filler)
  • Pneumatic folding
  • Roller arrangement

We also have a solution for spring roll made with rice paper sheets

What to know more?

Does this solution fit your requirements? At Cabinplant we are experts in creating the right customized solution. Get in touch with one of our specialist and learn more about how this solution will fit into your project.

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Customize your solution

Designing food production equipment is often a question of combining various existing technologies in new and innovative ways. That’s one of our core skills - to meet the challenges you give us, while applying everything we know about automation, robotics and mechanical engineering.

We use our skills and long market expertise in designing a production line which is tailor-made to your needs and specifications. And of course, everything we design is constructed by top specialists.

Case story

Rice paper rolls automatically

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