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Spring roll processing

Our innovative solution in spring roll processing gives you tailor-made business benefits. Costs and quality. Two paramount words in spring roll processing.

The taste of a freshly hand-rolled spring roll and a low total-cost-of-ownership is a winning combination. With more than 20 years of unique experience, we offer you a customized solution, specified for your preferences. In addition to this unique processing solution, you will experience a number of business benefits.

Increased production efficiency

Increased food safety

Minimizes manual labor

Reduce your total costs and increase your product quality

  • Time reduction regarding transition and reaction time on specific wants, e.g. change in recipe and sizes
  • Free space in production area as the machine is compact and require less space than competing solutions
  • Reduction in waste and greater product homogeneity due to optimization of raw material, precise depositing of filling and uniform pancake thickness
  • Increased food safety due to no human cross-contamination
  • Increased efficiency as it is easy to operate
  • Productivity due to easy access for cleaning purposes, a minimum of maintenance, and labor savings


The spring roll machine consists of the following:
  • Batter pump
  • Dough dispenser
  • Baking drum
  • Pancake folding conveyor
  • Filling dispenser (incl. vacuum filler)
  • Pneumatic folding
  • Roller arrangement

Features & benefits

  • Time reduction regarding transition
  • Short reaction time on specific wants
  • Compact design
  • Greater product homogeneity
  • Reduction in waste
  • Increased food safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Low labor costs

Capacity & dimensions

Line capacities are from 60 to 240 rolls per minute.


Dim.mm Single lane Double lane Triple lane Four    lane Large drum
Pcs./min 60 120 180 240 240
Length (L) 140 140 85 60 110
Baking drum (Ø) 1200×425 1200×655 1200×665 1200×655 1800×750

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