Heat treatment

Rice cooker

Cabinplant rice cookers are known for the perfect cooking results thanks to the use of special piping systems resulting in perfect distribution of cooking and cooling water onto the product.

Low water consumption and high cooking yield are also essential benefits of using the Cabinplant industrial rice cookers

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Low risk of product contamination

Uniform cooking

Low water consumption

Compact solution for the processing of rice

The rice is distributed on a belt and then sprayed with a huge quantity of recirculated steam heated water before it enters into the cooling section where it is chilled with a combination of air and water.

Everything is carried out on the same belt which is an advantage in respect of bacteriology as the belt is heat treated continuously.

Improved quality of your rice

Rice cooker/cooler above is designed for 2 t/h of finished cooked and chilled rice. With a belt width of 2,000 mm and a cooking time of approx. 16 min., the weight gain is approx. 235%. If the rice is soaked prior cooking, a weight gain of up to approx. 265% is

Features & benefits

  • Low risk of product contamination
  • No product damage
  • High yield
  • Uniform cooking
  • Low water consumption
  • Custom-made design
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy cleaning/inspection access thanks to top lift
  • Equipped with magnet to remove metal from product.
  • Dust sieve removes bits and pieces

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