Vibratory Rotary Filler

Cabinplant vibratory rotary table forms a natural part of the packing line for cans/glass jars and allows accurate filling of difficult products or large portions through small container openings, e.g. cans, glass jars or PET containers. 

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Vibration for optimal filling

“No can - no fill” system

High-speed filling

Fast and efficient

The product is distributed to the individual filling stations by a multihead weigher. Vibration ensures that the product is filled into the containers, safely and efficiently. The vibratory rotary table is available with 9, 14, 18 or 24 filling stations to match specific needs for speed and volume.

Filling of all kinds of divisible products into glass jars, cans or PETs in various forms – round, square, elliptical, etc.

Features & benefits

  • Vibration for optimal filling
  • High speed
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick and easy change of can/glass jar types and designs
  • Stainless steel machine housing
  • “No can – no fill” system

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