Fast and efficient filling with our Continuous Liquid Filler

Our Continuous Liquid Filler is outperforming similar capacity solutions. It ensures precise pre- or final post filling of liquids like tomato sauce, oil and brine, soups, or marinades into containers such as cans or glass jars. 

Up to 300 fillings/min

Very small footprint

Highly flexible solution

The most flexible solution on the market

The Continuous Liquid Filler is a compact high-speed solution that increases capacity and constitutes a flexible and economical alternative to, for example, a major investment in a rotating piston filling line.

It is available in mobile version which can be moved and placed over existing queues of containers and a version including the complete handing of the packaging solution is specially designed for handling both few-piece and large portions.

Features & benefits

  • Adjustable filling volume
  • High speed (up to 300 fillings/min)
  • Flexibility
  • Small footprint
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • “No can – no filling” system
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design

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