Vacuum Filler

Accurate and automatic filling of glass jars or cans

The Cabinplant vacuum filler is designed for fully automatic, speedy and accurate filling of liquid into glass jars and cans.

The filler ensures equal headspace, regardless of volume
or weight of the prefilled product, to facilitate subsequent

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Accurate filling

"No jar - no fill" system

Filling of brine, oil or sauce

Fast and accurate filling of liquids

The vacuum filler is mounted with a liquid tank and incorporates from 12 up to 30 filling valves placed in a circle. The glass jar/can is fed to the machine by means of a star wheel and a positioning screw to ensure good separation and filling position. The glass jar/
can is retained in the machine, and vacuum is created by means of a pump.

Traditional or low pressure vacuum can be used depending on product and packaging material. The vacuum filler can be used for cold or hot brine, and for brine containing particles of a limited size, e.g. spices. A special optional feature is the nozzle blow-off
system which prevents the nozzles from clogging.

Features & benefits

  • Accurate filling
  • “No jar – No fill” system
  • Reduced give-way
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • Operation with glass jars, cans or PETs in various shapes; round, square, elliptical etc.
  • Filling of brine, oil or sauce containing small particles, e.g. spices

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