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Multihead weigher for extremely sticky products (MHW SF Extreme)

With the Multihead Weigher SF Extreme automatization of your weighing of extremely sticky products can cut labor costs by up to 70 %

Introducing the new Cabinplant multihead weigher, MHW SF Extreme, one of the world’s most efficient and innovative weighing solutions for extremely sticky products.

With efficient and precise combinatorial weighing and the ability of handling of sticky products like mixed salads, coleslaw and tuna flakes, the MHW SF Extreme can easily process complex and demanding tasks.

This will automate your production and thereby cut manual handling by up to 70 % and increase food safety by bringing down human contamination risks.

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Cuts manual labor by up to 70%

Easy to clean - cleaning time as low as 5-10 min.

Handles products like tuna flakes, RTE pasta salads and similar products

Proven performance
The Cabinplant MHW SF Extreme is based on our Multihead Weighers with the screw feeding principle, which was invented by Cabinplant back in 2005. The screw feeding principle introduced the benefits of Multihead Weighing to processors of wet and sticky products and has made it possible for industries, in the meat & pultry, fish & seafood, fruit & vegetables and convenience food industries, to achieve higher weighing accuracy and to reduce give-away costs considerably.


Extremely small footprint
With its height of only 1,750 mm the Cabinplant MHW SF Extreme has one of the smallest footprint on the market for MHWs and can be placed in any production hall without having to cope with restrictions of building measurements in regards to height.

This makes MHW SF Extreme a natural choice for any large or small processing companies that want to automate the weighing of extremely sticky products.

Applications and benefits

  • RTE salads
  • RTE meals
  • Tuna flakes
  • Pulled meat products
  • Cottage cheese
  • other mixed and sticky products


  • Cuts manual labor by up to 70 %
  • Cleaning time/change-over time down to 5-10 minutes
  • Ideal for automating even small production batches with frequent product shifts

Automate your weighing of your extremely sticky products

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