Weighing Automation

Multibatcher - weighing and batching at high speed

The Cabinplant multibatcher is developed based on 50 years of experience within the food industry. The multibatcher is tailor-made to match individual requirements for handling large portions or products.

Cut your give-away by up to 75 %. Speed, flexibility and accuracy are key parameters when optimizing your cost of production.

Our fully automatic Multibatcher performs accurate high-speed
combinatorial weighing and handles portion sizes of up to 35
kg of meat or meat by-products.

The accurate weighing of batch sizes reduces give-away significantly compared to other systems and improves your return on investment.

The Cabinplant Multibatcher is tailor-made based on the product
size and batch size according to customer request and available
either as a stand-alone unit for automatic or manual bagging,
box packing or filling into thermoformed packages or as part of
a complete packing line. 

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Reduces give-away by up to 75 %

Ideal for packing export or food service products

Automates batching and cuts labor costs

Make the most of your raw product

With efficient high speed combinatorial weighing and handling of portion sizes up to 35 kg, the Multibatcher can easily process complex and demanding products.

Functionality of the Multibatcher

The multibatcher can process up to 12 batches per minute or up to 720 batches per hour, ensuring you automatic, consistent and reliable handling of your raw material, 24/7, all year. The solution is tailor-made to your specification and can be fitted into existing
packing lines or used as a stand-alone unit.

The multibatcher is suitable for all kind of products including meat, poultry and fish products.

  • Poultry (bone-in or boneless)
    • Drumsticks
    • Thighs
    • Breast
    • Breast caps
    • Saddle
    • Leg quarters
    • Whole chickens
  • Meat (pork, beef)
    • Feet
    • Lacones
    • Riblets
    • Neckbone
    • Hack
    • Belly trim
    • Trim
  • Fish
    • Fresh pelagic fish
    • Frozen pelagic fish

Features & benefits

  • Accurate combinatorial
    high-speed weighing
  • Reduced give-away (10 times
    less than other systems)
  • Cuts labor costs to a minimum
  • Hygienic design – easy to clean
  • Logic process interface
    – easy to operate
  • Rapid change to other product
    by using recipe control.


• Batch size from 2 – 35 kg
• Recipe control
• Data collection and statistics
• PLC control of equipment
• Capacity up to 12 batches/min.
depending on batch size

Dimensions Multibatcher 
Type  MB 18 MB30
Length 3400 3400
Height 2400 3000
Width 1550 1750
Batch size max. kg 10 35
Hopper volume liters 18 30
Hopper size (LxWxH) mm 200x120x200 400x240x200
Capacity max. batches/min. 12 12


Watch how our Multibatcher performs high speed combinatorial weighing and batching

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