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BAC Blancher

The Cabinplant BAC blancher/cooler stands out as the most cost-effective solution for conserving water during the cooling process. This efficiency is achieved through a cooling mechanism driven primarily by evaporation or a combination of evaporation and the utilization of chilled water. The choice between these methods depends on the desired product discharge temperature.

Unlike the IBC, another integrated blancher/cooler system utilizing counterflow water cooling, the BAC employs air as its refrigerant. Consequently, the BAC blancher/cooler remarkably reduces water consumption and nearly eliminates wastewater generation. Compared to conventional blanching systems, the BAC consumes up to 75% less water and generates approximately 60% less wastewater.

Through the use of evaporative air cooling, the BAC blancher/cooler can efficiently lower the product temperature to the range of 20-30˚C, with the exact outcome contingent upon ambient air temperature and humidity levels.

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Nearly reduced water waste

No product damage

Low risk of food contamination


The evaporative method necessitates the use of water to prevent product loss and enhance cooling efficiency. In contrast, air cooling minimizes water consumption significantly. However, evaporative cooling does not allow for the recovery of latent thermal energy within the product.


If you require a temperature below 20-25°C, you have the option to incorporate a water-cooling segment following the air-cooling phase. This segment can be connected to a Baudelot chiller for recirculating cooling water. By doing so, you can achieve a product temperature of approximately 10°C while keeping water consumption at a minimal level. Further reductions in product temperature can be achieved by extending the cooling section.


  • Low risk of product contamination even
    after long operating hours
  • Integrated blancher and cooler
  • No product damage
  • High yield
  • Uniform blanching
  • High degree of flexibility with regard to
    blanching time and temperature
  • Evaporative air-cooling section incl. fan
  • Additional lowering of product temperature
    by means of recirculated chilled water, option
  • Customer-adapted design
  • Hygienic design makes cleaning easy
  • Capacity from 2 to 30 t/h

Technical Data

BAC Basic Version BAC 6 BAC 8 BAC 10 BAC 12 BAC 16
Nominal Capacity for Green Pears Kg/h 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 16,000
Overall Length m 8 10 12 14 18
Steam Consumption max. Kg/h 1,100 1,400 1,700 2,000 2,600
Water Consumption max.m3/h 0-3,5 0-4 0-4 0-5 0-6
Nominal Power Consumption*) kW 18/36 24/48 30/60 36/72 48/96


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