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Waste handling made smarter

Optimize your production with an efficient and reliable vacuum waste handling system from Cabinplant. Our vacuum systems are used in a number of food production applications, including conveying animal  products in meat and poultry abattoirs, handling waste products in fish  processing, and transporting by-products in vegetable and fruit  processing plants.

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Increased food safety

Cost effective

Small footprint - saves floor space

Hygienic, cost-effective, gentle and low noise

Handling waste in food production is a necessary evil, which is often related to cost intensive processes involing both labor and internal transport equipment e.g. forklifts, wagons or conveyor belts.

The above mentioned factors are all crucial to many food processing companies and they are excactly what characterize Cabinplant’s vacuum waste handling solutions, CabinVac, for transport of by-products and waste in closed pipe systems.

Because it runs exclusively on water, vacuum technology’s energy efficiency is unmatched, making it the most climate-friendly solution for conveyor applications. The conveyor system is simple, reliable and with noise levels as low as 70 dBa, it helps contribute to a better working environment.

Each solution is customized to your specific needs, whether you require a simple system or a turnkey solution complete with electronic control.

Features & benefits

  • Hygienic – increased food safety
  • Cost-effective – Reduces labor costs
  • Small footprint – saves floor space in your production
  • Low noise – improves working environment
  • Energy efficient

What to know more?

Does this solution fit your requirements? At cabinplant we are experts in creating the right customized solution. Get in touch with one of our specialist and learn more about how this solution will fit into your project.

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