Baudelot Chiller

The Cabinplant water chiller is of the Baudelot (falling film) type. Water flows uniformly from a common overhead distribution trough over both sides of the vertical stainless steel plates. The water flows in a thin film over the computer-designed outer surface of the plates to obtain the highest possible outside film coefficient.

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High efficiency

Automatic level control

Built-in filter system


Inside the plates, refrigerant boils, following a computer-designed path for high inside film coefficient and low pressure drop. The stainless steel collection tank is equipped with a float valve for make-up. The make-up water is led to the overhead distribution trough. In addition, the tank is equipped with a number of pumps for pumping chilled water to the consumption location. The unit is designed to be fully enclosed during operation; opening is required only for cleaning purposes.

Capacity depends designed to be fully enclosed during operation

The unit consists of:

  • Rotating filter (optional) or parabolic screen as on picture
  • Distribution
  • Computer-designed cooling plates
  • Collection/accumulation tank
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Fresh water connection with automatic level control

Features & benefits

  • High efficiency
  • Chills liquid to almost refrigerant temperature
  • Automatic level control
  • Computer-designed cooling plates
  • Built-in filter system
  • Open construction for easy cleaning


Length Height incl. filter Width
3050 mm 3470 mm 2830 mm

Dimensions of the above configuration.
Chiller with 16 cooling plates and Reko screen filter

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