Thawing chamber

Cabinplant provides a modular thawing chamber for batch thawing of block frozen and IQF products. Defrosting is carried out by humidified air and the product retains its quality during thawing, as the Cabinplant thawing chamber controls  the temperature throughout the entire defrosting process.


The thawing chamber is of modular design. The product is placed on trolleys with an average product weight per trolley of 700 kg. Capacity ranges from 700 to 11,200 kg per batch. Thawing time depends on product type, size, shape, etc. The advanced fully automatic Cabinplant thawing equipment is an essential part of any processing line.


Product damage

Thaw your products as if they have never been frozen

Higher yield

Up to 4 % higher yield due to reduced drip loss


Our thawing chamber can be produced with a capacity as high as 11,200 kg/batch


The trolleys with the frozen product blocks are placed in the chamber. The doors are closed and a thawing program is chosen. Via baffle plates, motorised fans direct a heated air flow into the chamber. The air flow circulates between all trolley shelves, thus ensuring even and uniform product thawing. One set of fans per module ensures maximum air flow to each pair of trolleys, regardless of direction of air flow.

  • Reduced drip loss
  • Retained product quality
  • Reduced defrosting time
  • High degree of homogeneity
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Better hygiene
  • Capacity ranges from 700 to 11,200 kg per batch
  • Block frozen product, e.g.: Whole fish, Fish fillets, Shellfish, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit & berries
  • IQF product, e.g.: Whole fish, Fish fillets, Meat - large pieces

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