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Weighing and packing line for ready meals


Our efficient packing solutions are designed to improve your business.


Multiple products form your ready-mael. Our solutions handle multiple products on one line 

15 minutes

To switch from one product to another is fast and simple. Often your downtime is as low as 15 minutes 

678.000 EUR

A customer saved 678.000 EUR per year by investing in one of our weighing solutions, which reduced his give-away conciderably

Automate your ready-meal line

Speed, flexibility and accuracy are key parameters to optimize your production economy. Our lines weigh and fill a wide range of ready meal products into trays. These may include traditional dishes or new developments, focusing on convenience and health.

No matter what requirements you may have to level of automation we can customize the right solution.

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”Cabinplant’s screw feeding principle is an excellent solution for our many
applications. We are very pleased with the flexibility and the weighing accuracy we have achieved with our ready meal line from Cabinplant”

Jørgen Dissing, managing director at Tulip

Customize your solution

Designing food production equipment is often a question of combining various existing technologies in new and innovative ways. That’s one of our core skills - to meet the challenges you give us, while applying everything we know about automation, robotics and mechanical engineering.

We use our skills and long market expertise in designing a production line which is tailor-made to your needs and specifications. And of course, everything we design is constructed by top specialists.

Case story

Automating packaging of snack packs

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Area sales manager

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