Bean snipper

The Cabinplant bean snipper has been designed for automatic snipping of green beans.

It offers a high capacity and flexibility and provides gentle product treatment. 

The bean snipper is easy to clean to ensure high hygiene standard.

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Excellent cutting

Exchangeable cutting tool

Fast and easy to clean

How it works:
  • Beans are fed to the machine via a chute and snipped by triangular knives placed on the outside of the machine.
  • To ensure high efficiency and gentle product handling, the machine can be equipped with an inside drum and round bars on the plate dividers.
  • Doors on each side facilitate cleaning.
  • The snipping machine can be equipped with decluster device for separating bean hanging on stems.
Functionality of the bean snipper
  • Rotating drum built of plastic segments with slot openings
  • Triangular knives on the outside of the drum for snipping of beans
  • Inside rotating drum to increase snipping efficiency and ensure gentle handling of  product
  • Outside rotating brush to ensure drum cleaning
  • Spray system to lubricate knives


  • Frame system for adjusting the height of machine
  • Segment slot openings of 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0 mm.
  • Crinkle, standard or other slot openings on request
  • Stand-alone electrical control panel or integrated central control panel
  • Special custom-designed infeed, outfeed and waste chute

Features & benefits

  • Excellent cutting
  • No blocking
  • Easy to clean
  • By-pass for whole bean production
  • Exchangeable cutting tool
  • Stainless steel machine
  • Central greasing system
  • SEW gear motor
  • JVM vibrator
  • Gentle product handling


• Round green beans
• Flat green beans

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