Vision system

Camera-operated fish sorting system for existing filleting machine

The Cabinplant vision system is designed for the surveillance of product infeed to Baader or VMK filleting machines.

The vision system controls the entire filleting machine, which means that it checks input and output – what goes in, comes out. If not, the line stops! It will also try to optimize the amount of fish on the pocket conveyor belonging to the filleting machine. For instance if fish block the feeder to the filleting machine, the outlet gates of the feeder will be opened.

The vision system can be mounted on existing filleting machines with only very few changes to the existing line set-up.

Reduction from 1 to 0 operators

Existing set-up can be used

Uses self-teaching method

Fast and efficient

The system operates by taking a picture of each fish to determine if it is the right species, the right size, a whole or half fish, placed correctly on the conveyor prior to cutting, etc. Unwanted fish are rejected to waste or recirculated in the system if they were rejected due to incorrect positioning on the conveyor, e.g.

Optional: In addition, the vision system can be provided with a dry feeding conveyor to increase the feeding efficiency of the filleting machine.


  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Up to 320 trays per minute
Features & benefits
  • Reduction from one to zero operators
  • Existing filleting machine set-up can be used
  • Full statistics function on every fish
  • PC-based control enables software upgrade
  • Implemented self-teaching method
  • Switch between the production of herring and mackerel
  • Detection of belly-turned fish
  • Detection of foreign species
  • Detection of double fish

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