Our highlights from Seafood Processing Global 2024

Once again, this year’s Seafood Processing Global was a great success. 

Being at Seafood Processing Global gave us the opportunity to learn and discuss with seafood producers about the issues, challenges, and new opportunities within the seafood processing landscape. This knowledge allows us to understand our customers even better and provide the best solutions to optimize their production potential every day.

Furthermore, this year’s exhibition allowed us to reconnect with familiar faces, forge new faces, engage in ideas for new and interesting collaborations, and build a wider network in the industry. We also had a new face as our new Business Segment Manager, Micheal Wounlund, attended for the first time together with our Business Segment Manager, Søren Mølgaard Hansen, which gave us the possibility to share both new perspective and years of know-how with our visitors. 

Cabinplant vision system and crab processing received many positive reactions at Seafood Processing Global. Our vision system is a camera-operated fish sorting system tailored to monitor the product infeed of Baader or VMK filleting machines, enhancing operational efficiency and quality control. A system that seamlessly integrates with existing filleting machines, requiring minimal modifications, and sets a new standard for seafood processing technology. 

Our crab processing, on the other hand, is a full solution designed for processing brown crabs. This flexible solution enables easy adaptation to changing production needs, ensuring efficient processing and consistent results with a belt that can be segmented into multiple smaller belts or run as a few larger belts, each capable of operating at varying speeds.

Overall, it was a very successful exhibition filled with great experiences throughout the three days. We are very excited to return next year.

Learn more about our vision system and full solution for crab processing.

Vision system | Cabinplant

Brown crab processing | Cabinplant

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