Customer case

Cutting manual handling in olive packing

About the client

The client is the largest olive processor in Turkey and employs more than 400 people.

The Challenge

The client has been filling trays with different size portions of olives manually, resulting in high labor cost and little automation, They therefore sought a more premise, efficient way of filling olives in thermoformed trays.

The solution

The client wanted a solution capable of counting and filling olives into trays of 3 pcs., 20g, 40g, 40 x 40 mm at 160 trays per minute.

The solution to this consists of a Cabinplant Multihead Weigher 10-32 vibratory and a custom-made distribution Tool. A Liquid Filler fills oil of 3, 5 or 8 ml after the distribution tool, according to the tray size. A thermoformer is installed towards the end of the line, and the olives are packaged automatically.

The result

The client is now packaging trays automatically utilizing the joint solution from Cabinplant and Mutivac, reducing cost of labor and give-away.

Client: Marmarabirlik

Country: Turkey

Industry: Fruits & Vegetables


  • All-in-one process
  • Better yield
  • Less labor cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished products

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