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Sustainable Solutions in the Seafood Industry

About the Client:

A valued client for more than 25 years and one of the largest producers of fish and seafood in Europe. Their main products are crabs and other top-quality shellfish.

The Challenge:

Our client needed a new crab factory to meet the increasing demand and wished to minimize transportation costs by building a factory closer to where the crabs are caught.

An increasing demand for crabs is not surprising, as their taste is great. Furthermore, crabs are the largest protein source found in the ocean without any quotas. They are only caught as wild catch and not caught with bottom trawling but by having bits in pots, which does not damage the ecosystem.

A great challenge to meet demand, and also a chance to become more eco-friendly with less transportation and the possibility to sell more of something that is not overfished as other spices in the ocean. 

The Solution:

In addressing the need for a new crab factory, our client decided to trust us again. A collaboration that combined their knowledge of crab processing and our expertise in machinery. Together, we have consistently developed equipment that aligns with industry needs.

Our seafood cooker has a large belt that can be divided into multiple belts. This means the belts can operate at different speeds and be split into several smaller belts, a few large belts, or a combination. This allows for anywhere between 1 and 5 belts running simultaneously and at different speeds at once, giving a lot of flexibility to make smaller batches and adapt easily to the difference in input given. 

The Result:

A brand new factory for brown crabs has created an even stronger partnership where our collective know-how was the foundation for constructing a new crab factory in Europe.


Client: International processer of seafood

Country: Europe

Industry: Fish & Seafood

  • Minimum use of operators: 4-5 persons can run the line
  • High traceability when using baskets
  • Ability to run different sizes simultaneously
  • Top-lift for quicker cleaning and maintenance

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