Building One of Europe’s Largest Crab Factory

Our newest chapter in Sustainable Seafood Production.

Our client has joined forces with Cabinplant to create one of Europe’s largest crab processing facilities.

This ambitious project is motivated by the imperative to address the increasing demand for brown crab while simultaneously reducing transportation costs and, thereby, the environmental impact. 

Our client’s industry know-how, combined with our machine and processing expertise, resulted in a versatile belt system capable of accommodating multiple speeds and configurations for flexibility in efficiently processing batches of varying sizes. Besides giving flexibility and efficiency within the facility, it is strategically located closer to where the crabs are caught to have less transportation, which has created more flexibility and efficiency in the overall value chain.

As Europe’s appetite for brown crab continues to grow, a collaboration rooted in mutual trust and expertise for more than 25 years continues to adopt sustainable fishing practices and environmentally friendly ideas with the aim of creating a more holistic approach to seafood production. 

Learn more about our machinery or the full production line at or visit Cabinplant at Seafood Processing Global in Barcelona (Booth 3EE401).

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