Customer case

Efficient packing of ready-to-eat salads

About the client

Our client is a market leader in Europe in the production of fresh convenience salads and convenience fruit and vegetables.

The Challenge

Packing of fresh salds including various kinds of topping products into trays to form a ready-to-eat salad ready for retail sale often requires a lot of labor intensive processes. The challenge here was to automate the production in order to reduce labor costs increase food safety by cutting human handling to a minimum

The solution

The solution is a complete line with three multihead weighers and various other equipment in order to automate the production. The line comes with a recipe control which secures full traceability of the products produced.

The result

The client has automated the most labor intensive processes and reduced labor costs significantly. At the same time give-away on the different products has been reduced significantly.

Client: Market leader in the production of fresh convenience salads.

Country: Austria

Industry: Convenience Food


  • Reduction of labor
  • Increased food safety
  • Less give-away
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished products

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