Popcorn Powered by Cabinplant’s Innovation and Collaboration

Queensland, Australia – A factory in Queensland, Australia, is popping new ways of doing things by pioneering traceable, all-Australian microwave popcorn production. An idea they saw in Europe, found it fantastic, and decided to take it with them back to Australia.   

Innovation and collaboration

We took part in the journey of innovation and collaboration. Innovation in seeing new ways our machinery can be used for all sorts of food products, such as a popcorn line, as well as the creativity used to invent and customize our product so every box of popcorn is as delicious as the next one.


One of the most outstanding aspects of this collaboration is the commitment to sourcing all ingredients locally. This not only supports regional agriculture but also ensures that the product is better for the environment. This approach extends beyond providing a delicious snack; it is about contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainable practices.

The power of collaboration

We understand the remarkable power of collaboration. Cabinplant teamed up with various companies, turning the factory into a hub of innovation where experts from all over the world came together. The common goal was to achieve an eco-friendly product that prioritizes sustainability, traceability, and most importantly, ensuring our Australians can get a snack that is good for more than its taste.

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