Cabinplant nominated for innovation award at CFIA exhibition in Rennes

The nomination is for the weighing solution MHW SF Extreme for fully automated weighing and packaging of particularly sticky products.

A panel of expert judges has shortlisted 12 products to win the Trophées de l’Innovation innovation prize at the CFIA exhibition taking place in Rennes, France, from 14-16 March. Cabinplant’s MHW SF Extreme is one of the selected products from about 100 participants. A MultiHead Weigher that lives up to Cabinplant’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions that fill a gap in the market.

“We are proud to be nominated. MHW SF Extreme is a technological breakthrough that breaks the boundaries of what has been possible with packing lines and Multihead weighers. Now the production of a wide range of ready-to-eat meals with sticky ingredients can be fully automated with all the benefits that this brings,” says Michael Falck Schmidt, Chief Commercial Officer at Cabinplant A/S.

Cabinplant’s solution addresses the exact areas where costs can run high – manual labour, cleaning and changeover. Manual work can be reduced by up to 70%, while cleaning and changeover can be reduced to just 5-10 minutes.

“The fully automated MHW SF Extreme weighing system is a helping hand for the food industry because it reduces and optimises ingredient consumption. It is becoming increasingly important to reduce food waste, and basic ingredients are becoming more and more expensive,” explains Anders Toft, who is responsible for the French market.

The MHW SF Extreme can fully automate the dosing and packaging of ready-to-eat meals with sticky ingredients such as diced vegetables, onion rings, rice, pasta, flaked tuna, mayonnaise, yoghurt, etc., which have previously been done manually or partially manually. Automation has far-reaching implications for the ready-to-eat market, which is expected to be worth more than €8 billion by 2023.

MHW SF Extreme can be seen on Cabinplant’s stand 8-A44 at CFIA from 14-16 March.

Presentation of the nominated solution:

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