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IPPE 2023

Cabinplant will be there, and we would like to invite you to our stand to learn more about our innovative technologies, industry trends, and future-oriented solutions.

Highlights at IPPE 2023:

  • Multihead Weigher with unique patented screw-feeder technology for weighing sticky poultry meat
  • New generation multihead weigher: The fully automatic MHW Extreme facilitates weighing and packaging of sticky products, ideal for fixed weight labeling without a costly giveaway.
  • Multibatcher – innovative food weighing technology that reduces giveaway and labor costs significantly when it comes to weighing and batching sizable portions (box packing)
Fully automatic MHW Extreme: Weighing/packaging of extremely sticky products

The Multihead Weigher SF Extreme from Cabinplant solves the problems of sticky ingredients in ready-to-eat meals from automated plants. It combines the company's well-known screw-feeder combination weigher with an innovative scraper/weighing pan design and a revised processing solution for easy filling/packaging of the food into trays on the conveyor belt.

Cabinplant Multibatcher: Box packing in the fast lane

The Multibatcher is an automatic high-speed solution for weighing/packing sizable portions up to 75 lbs. It is the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing and an alternative to conventional batching with high tolerances and manual processes. The Multibatcher has the potential to reduce both giveaways and costs through precision and speed.


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