Join us at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023

Cabinplant will be there, and we would like to invite you to our stand at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023. Learn more about our innovative technologies, industry trends, and future-oriented solutions to even the most complex packaging challenges. Find us at our Booth in South Upper Hall — Booth SU-7813.

You can meet some of our industry experts at the Expo, including Michael Falck Schmidt, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Chief Commercial Officer. Gain insights from Henning Ingemann Hansen, the Research and Development Director, and connect with Claus Jessen, the Senior Sales Manager, to explore the forefront of innovation and expertise in the field. Undoubtedly our experts can help you get an inside into automatical packaging solutions and how Cabinplant can help you innovate your processes. Our exhibition will center around packaging solutions for food processing and highlight the Award-winning and patented MulitHead Weigher SF Extreme. With an innovative approach, we continually shape the industry’s development, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for packaging solutions.

Discover the Multihead Weigher SF Extreme, where our combination weigher is elevated with features like screw feeders, inventive scraper/weighing pans, and an entirely new processing method. This innovative approach involves accurately weighing and then fusing selected sub-portions within the pan. An exclusive scraper design within the pan guarantees the full release of portions into a cassette. Subsequently, our expertly designed machine efficiently packs the food into trays on the conveyor belt. Recognized for its ground-breaking ingenuity, this award-winning device has proudly secured the prestigious Trophées de l’Innovation prize at CFIA. Cabinplant nominated for innovation award at CFIA exhibition in Rennes.

Meet our experts


Michael Falck Schmidt

R&D Director

Henning Ingemann Hansen

Senior Sales Manager

Claus Jessen

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