From 1984 to 2024 – Forty Years with Cabinplant

This month has been special. We celebrated Ib’s work anniversary with Cabinplant, marking forty years filled with dedication, achievements, and different roles.

Ib’s story with Cabinplant began as a purchaser, foreman, and project manager. As the company grew and more people joined Cabinplant, Ib became procurement manager and has, for years, played a considerable role in Cabinplant. 

His technical expertise and negotiation skills have been outstanding. He has facilitated long-term supplier relationships and shown us how to close a good deal.

We celebrated Ib with a reception earlier this month to honor his journey. Friends, family, and collaboration partners gathered to celebrate Ib’s career. Our CEO, Lars, and our old CEO, Ralf, shared personal anecdotes and highlighted Ib’s contributions and commitment, which, combined with a personal video message from Intralox and a visit from Dertec from Holland, added a special touch.

Continuously, Cabinplant hosted a breakfast for all employees to celebrate Ib’s 40 years with us, so everyone could chat, say congratulations, and spend some time together across the departments.

Ib’s dedication and positive attitude have made a lasting impact at Cabinplant. His remarkable journey with Cabinplant will for sure be remembered.

Cheers to Ib!

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