Measuring Success Together: From Weighing Solutions to Trusted Partners

About the client

Our German client has been with our company for 17 years. They are a major player in the poultry production industry and have become very loyal clients.

The challenge

The journey with our client began in 2006 when they needed a precise weighing solution for their poultry production. The quality of their products was of great importance, so they were determined to select the best weighing solution available in the market.

They, therefore, decided to do a comprehensive evaluation by testing out three different suppliers of weighing solutions.

The solution

Cabinplant won the comparative testing, and they bought our Multihead Weigher for their production.

The result

Their first order of our Multihead weighers 17 years ago has turned into continually making orders, which have resulted in them having approximately 25-30 of our Multihead Weighers installed today. Besides our weighting solutions, have we together been able to invent a marinating system, where the marinating process takes place after the weighting of chicken in a mixing tool. This means they only had to clean the mixing tool and dispenser, giving them the ability to make smaller batches more efficiently and easily shift marinating, which they needed.

What started with testing our Multihead Weigher has resulted in a long history and trust in Cabinplant as a brand. 

Today, we are still keeping a close connection with them through their newest investment, a software called Optiweigh, which has given them the possibility to optimize their weighting process by monitoring. They also decided to use our service packages for their production to ensure that everything is running smoothly with our 24-hour hotline, online support, and inspection of our equipment multiple times a year.

Client: Producer of poultry

Country: Germany

Industry: Poultry

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