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Customer case

Blanche and chill carefully

About the client

Biggest herb producer in France with factories in Spain as well.

The Challenge

To blanch and chill chive as carefully as possible due to it is very fragile in regards to temperature and time. The challenge was to keep shape, color and taste while achieving a germ reduction.

The solution

A Cabinplant Forced Steam blancher with ambient air cooling.

The result

The Forced Steam blancher turned out to be the perfect solution to achieve all the wanted parameters. Despite a very short treatment time, we managed to achieve a very uniform heat treatment of the chive due to the Forced Steam technology.

Client: Darégal

Country: France

Industry: Fruit & Vegetabels

Cabinplant has backed us up all the way through our project; from the preliminary tests in Denmark up until the final running-in of the line after industrial trials on site. The teams have proved receptive to our demands and were able to meet our requirements. During the start-up phase, Cabinplant has supported us on site and by remote service to obtain our goals.

Gerard Bessaire, Darégal, France


  • All-in-one process
  • Space saving
  • Better yield
  • Less labor cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished products

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