Cabinplant is back; Attending IPPE in 2024

Atlanta, USA. 30 January – 1 February. 

Cabinplant is attending IPPE in 2024, and we would like to invite you to visit our stand (booth C28165) to learn more about the power of our experience, innovation, and value-driven approach to our meat and poultry solutions, which include customized weighing, filling, and packing solutions of both fresh and frozen fresh, smooth and sticky products.

Highlights for IPPE 2024;

  • Multihead Weigher with screw feeding, a patented solution ideal for fixed weight.
  • Sensor-gate technology that addresses the issue of more precise weighing.
  • Post-marination of fresh poultry & meat, which enables deliveries in small batches. 
  • Our digital ecosystem CYNERGY™  for continuous improvement and more efficiency.
  • IPPE 2024’s TECHTalk to gain insights into smart manufacturing and learn from our collective experience in advancing industry maturity.

Multihead Weigher with Screw Feeding: Precision Meets Flexibility.

To address the challenges with irregular weights in animal products, we have introduced the Multihead Weigher (MHW) with screw feeding, a patented solution designed for fixed-weight precision. The system’s multiple target weighing capability adapts effortlessly to various package sizes, significantly reducing product giveaways and ensuring even distribution within packages. 

Cabinplant’s sensor-gate technology.

It tackles the accurate weighing of small portions, particularly in trays. By controlling product flow intelligently, the system ensures the depositing of a single product, minimizing instances of duplets or triplets for uniform packaging. 

Post-Marination: Streamlined Process for Small Batches.

Cabinplant has developed a post-marinating system that transformed the traditional marination process for small production batches. This system marries fresh meat after portion weighing, reducing cleaning time by up to 80%. 

CYNERGY™: Transforming Poultry Processing.

A collaborative initiative involving Cabinplant, CAT Squared, and Meyn, all companies under the umbrella of CTB. CYNERGY™ aims to establish a seamless digital ecosystem connecting manufacturing technologies. This innovative approach fosters continuous improvement by integrating CTB equipment, software solutions, and digital technologies. 

TECHTalk (Tuesday, January 30, 2024, from 3:30 p.m. to 3:50 p.m., at Theater C Hall, Booth C14185)

The power of our innovation and collaboration will be showcased together with CAT Squared and Meyn. TECHTalk is a possibility for gaining practical insights into smart manufacturing and learning from our collective experience in advancing industry maturity.  The session will explore the Manufacturing Maturity Model, providing an in-depth understanding of Industry 4.0’s evolution in food processing. Through real-world stories, we will showcase our expertise in guiding customers through various maturity stages.

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