Semiautomatic packing line for mackerel

The Cabinplant semiautomatic packing system is designed for the filling of mackerel meat into Dingley, Club or 1/4 P Long cans.

Cooked and cooled fish are conveyed to the packing machine on a conveyor belt, from where the operator takes the fish, cuts a fillet, and places the meat in a packing chain. The waste is discharged under the machine during filletting.


Higher output

Up to 22 % higher output due to the improved seaming process


Our processing lines are based on a flexible and modular design


The packing line fills up to 35 Club cans/minute per operator


The packing chain is a specially designed plastic belt with pockets, which fit into a specific can size. The chain is turned upside down during processing, and the meat drops into a can placed underneath the chain. To secure the correct amount of meat in each can, the meat is pressed into the packing chain and then cut with a rotating knife between each pocket. This ensures that the meat fits exactly into the cans.


The semiautomatic packing machine is equipped with:

  • Product belt for cooked/cooled product
  • One cutting table per operator mounted with a waste chute
  • Packing chain for meat divided into pockets
  • Pressing wheel for meat in packing chain
  • Knife for cutting meat in packing chain
  • Transfer system for meat and cans
  • Check weigher with reject system for overweight/underweight cans
  • Higher yield
  • Low production costs
  • High capacities
  • Continuous production flow
  • Capacity per operator: 25-35 cans/min (club cans)
  • Mackerel

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