Rolling system for barrels

The Cabinplant rolling system for barrels is used in the curing process for herring and is designed to handle 160 l barrels as standard. The herring fillets are filled into the barrel, using e.g. a batch weigher, and are covered with a mixture of brine. After filling, the barrels are closed and subsequently tipped and rolled simultaneously to secure uniform curing of all fillets in the barrel.



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The roller lanes are of modular design (each containing 7 sections). The capacity of 3 sections (21 barrel places) is 100 barrels per hour.

The Cabinplant rolling system for barrels is equipped with:

  • Work stations, depending on capacity where the barrels are tipped and rolled simultaneously by means of rotating steel rollers and a motor driven cam shaft.
  • Pneumatic transfer systems, depending on the number of work stations to convey the barrels from one work station to the next 
  • Efficient handling
  • Easy to operate
  • 100 barrels/hour
  • Herring
  • Other fish

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