Ready meals

Speed, flexibility and accuracy are key parameters to optimize your production economy. Our lines weigh and fill a wide range of ready meal products into trays. These may include traditional dishes or new developments, focusing on convenience and health.



Handling of multiple products in trays


From chaos to order in one automated process


To switch from one product to another is fast and simple


From chaos to order in one automated process

The weighed portions are discharged into a horizontally moving transfer trolley. The transfer trolley is tailormade and contains the same number of compartments as the number of trays included in one cycle in the thermoforming machine. The portions are then dropped into a vibrating unit in which each portion is aligned.

After alignment, the portions are transferred to vertical tubes. The tubes turn 90° to horizontal position and at the same time move independently to a c-c position immidiately above each tray and dis­charge the portions gently into each tray, thus completing the cycle.

  • Handle various formats and multiple layers
  • Minimize give-away
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Minimize product damage
  • Eliminate re-work
  • Make product change-over easy
  • Minimize footprint
  • Portions* per min. 100-120
  • * Depending on format and product
  • Sausages
  • Other uniform products

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