Cabinplant provides a wide range of pasteurizers. Many packed products require heat treatment after filling or packaging to increase shelf life. Different heat sources are available depending on product and nature of packaging, but the most often used sources are steam or water. 


Risk of contamination

Close to zero % risk of product contamination

Product damage

Gentle handling secures close-to-zero product damage


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Straight belt pasteurizers

A straight belt pasteurizer is normally used for glass jars and cans. In most cases, the pasteurizer is fitted with an integral cooling section. Cooling is most often by water/ice water, but air/cooled air or a combination of water and air can also be used. Straight belt pasteurizers are also designed for soft-packed products, such as vacuum-sealed packaging.

Gondola pasteurizers

A gondola pasteurizer is less bulky than straight belt pasteurizers and spiral pasteurizers, and it is typically used for round packaging, e.g. clip closure systems. Heating is by water or steam and cooling is by water/ice water.

Options: All Cabinplant pasteurizers are available with custom-designed infeed and outfeed, data loggers, etc.


  • Low risk product contamination
  • No product damage
  • High yield
  • Low water consumption
  • Depending on product and configuration
  • Products packed in cans, glass jars
  • Vaccum-sealed or flow-packed products

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