Multihead weigher w. screw feeding (fish & seafood)

Multihead weigher with screw feeding for fish & seafood type SF -  The unique and patented solution for handling sticky & wet products

Speed, flexibility and precision are key parameters when optimizing your cost of production. The Cabinplant with screw feeding principle has introduced the benefits of the multihead weigher to processors of wet and sticky products and has made it possible for industries in the meat & poultry, seafood, vegetable, confectionary and convenience food industries to achieve higher weighing accuracy and to reduce give-away costs considerably. In addition, our customers have benefitted from a quick ROI.

Impact of the multihead weigher with screw feeding for fish & seafood


The Cabinplant range of multihead weighers includes high-capacity 32-channel machines with mixing product recipe.


A customer saved EUR 678,000 per year by investing in our multihead weigher solution that reduced his give-away considerably.

Intelligent algorithm

The multihead weigher’s intelligent algorithm ensures precise weighing of each portion

Tailor-made weighing solutions from Cabinplant 

Our experience in weighing technology dates back as far as 1991. The ability to solve complicated portion weighing tasks by providing simple solutions is our specialty. Our solutions are developed by combining our weighing technology with our 40 years of experience within other areas of the food industry.

We tailor-make solutions to match individual requirements, and we provide complete solutions for weighing, filling and packing products into bags, buckets, cans, glass jars, cups and trays; premade, thermoformed etc.


The Cabinplant screw feeding multihead weigher has been granted several patents worldwide for its unique ability to handle difficult products - fragile, wet or sticky such as fish and seafood. The screw feeding system feeds the product by the special screws into assembling pans by means of the worm gear drive, which offers detailed control of the process. 

The benefits of the multihead weigher are several. The multihead weigher has no give-away when handling small negative tolerances and is designed to specially adapt product contact materials for handling sticky products. Therefore more companies have become aware of the multihead weigher in the last years because of its' versatility in handling and weighing different products. 

Furthermore, the multihead weigher has a minimum noise level, minimum maintenance and is very easy to clean, so you can increase the efficiency in your weighing process.


Precise and rapid weighing of difficult and delicate products with the multihead weigher 

The multihead weigher is designed to meet the increasing demands of precision and speed in the weighing process. 

With the multihead weigher You will get a reliable and well-proven weighing machine. The Cabinplant multihead weigher is available in a wide range of models, but we can also offer you a custom machine catering to your individual needs and ensuring optimal handling of your specific product. 


Multihead weigher with several functionalities 

The multihead weigher from Cabinplant has several functionalities such as continuous weighing. 

Moreover, it is possible to integrate rollers between the individual channels when handling long products. Further we have special solutions for handling products, e.g. frozen or sticky. 


Service and support in relation to your multihead weigher

Cabinplant care about their customers and their needs. This is why it is possible to tailor-make and design your multihead weigher according to your needs and requests.

For Cabinplant, customer service is an important part of buying a multihead weigher. This is why you can reach us at any time of the day, so we can help you with your multihead weigher. 

Example of the multihead weigher w. screw feeding (fish & seafood)
  • No give-away when handling small negative tolerances
  • Specially adapted product contact materials for handling of sticky products
  • Minimum noise level
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Up to 250 portions/min
  • Fish & seafood
  • Fresh meat
  • Poultry
  • Pasta

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