Reduce your give-away by a factor of 10


Optimizing work flows or improving upon production yields aren't easy tasks. 

But imagine if you could implement a solution in your production, that could perform automatic high speed weighing and batching of large portions, and at the same time reduce your give-away and labor costs significantly?

It is a well-known challenge to food producers is the big losses they face when delivering more of a product to customers than paid for. This concept is known as give-away and covers the amount of overweight per packaging causing loss to the food producer.

Experiences from the industry show that the weighing machines typically used at present add a give-away of up to 100 grams on each weighing of a portion of 10-30 kg.

This easily sums up to an annual loss of earnings of several hundreds of thousands EUR per type of product. Often the amount is higher. Reason: So far it has not been possible to increase the weighing accuracy and keep the packing speed required by the producer.

A new generation of food weighing machines, specially designed for big portions with technology based on combinatorial weighing can give you several improvements right away and result in massive cost savings. The improvements are

• Far better accuracy of weighing
• Fully-automatic production processes
• High speed weighing and packing
• Reduction of manpower
• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

Following a free inspection of your production, a specialist will give you:

• Amount of give-away at present
• The cost savings achievable with a new fully-automatic food weighing machine
• Which types of food weighing machines can improve your weighing and packing methods
• What you need to get ready for fully-automatic weighing and packing
• Which processes you could change to get the full worth of investment – this could be insourcing, footprint and reduction of manpower, for instance.

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