Multi-purpose line for vegetables

Extend your season with one reliable solution. Get more out of your Cabinplant solution and let us optimize and strategically co-ordinate your production so your season can last all year.


By processing several products on one line, your key machines will be optimally exploited. The multi-purpose vegetable line can include steps to clean, wash, blanch, freeze, colour sort, weigh and pack peas and green beans, as well as steps to snip and cut the beans. Processing of for instance root vegetables further includes steam pealing, dicing and slicing, and the line can also be prepared for future handling of corn and leafy vegetables such as spinach.

One integrated control system monitors and controls your multi-purpose vegetable line.


Optimize your production line and process all your products on one line.


Utilization of equipment

With an all-in-one solution you will be able to get more out of your equipment


Our recipe system’s reports meet the majority of regulations relating to the traceability of finished goods

Years of experience

Benefit from our 47 years of processing experience and let us optimize your production


Optimize your production line and process all your products on one line. Environmental considerations are taken into account, especially with regard to demands for water and energy saving. Our solutions meet even the strictest hygiene standards and help customers make the most of any residual product to optimise their operating economy.


Recipe control and traceability

Cabinplant is known for its easy-to-operate PLC and PC solutions comprising development, production and installation of automatic control systems for operation and monitoring of the processing line. The multi-purpose vegetable line is equipped with recipe control system that controls the entire line.

  • Extend your season
  • Full traceability
  • Flexibility/integrated recipe control for the entire line
  • Easy recipe handling
  • Line flow control
  • Depends on product and configuration
  • Peas/okra
  • Beans
  • Root vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Leafy products (e.g. spinach)
  • Other vegetables

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